Port Aransas Beach Vault

Flight Information

The athlete provides a Recent Personal Record during registration. We use this to assign you to a flight. (It's not about age, gender, experience or under-the-table payments!)

We don't know participation levels/abilities in advance (Will we get 50 athletes with a PR of 9'0?), so we don't know which flight you'll be in until we close registration. The flight size will be 15-20 and we will mix genders. THE SCHEDULE & GUIDELINES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

OPENING HEIGHT: Vaulters can NOT enter the competition more than 18" (45 cm) under their recent PR. We want everyone to clear a bar, and will open roughly 18" under the recent PR of the athlete in the flight with the lowest recent PR.

We group athletes by ability. So obviously, an athlete that requests to jump at a particular time is not eligible for awards in that flight if they exceed the ability level of that flight.

Tale a look at the 2019 Flights to see approximate opening heights.