Port Aransas Beach Vault

Flight Information

The athlete provides a Recent Personal Record during registration. We use this to assign you to a flight. (It's not about age, gender, experience or under-the-table payments!)

We don't know participation levels/abilities in advance (Will we get 50 athletes with a PR of 9'0?), so we don't know which flight you'll be in until we close registration. The flight size will be around 18 and we may mix genders. THE SCHEDULE & GUIDELINES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

We group athletes by ability. So obviously, an athlete that requests to jump at a particular time is not eligible for awards in that flight if they exceed the ability level of that flight.

Flights by Division

Flights by Last Name

Flights by Club

OPENING HEIGHT: Conventional wisdom has athletes entering the competition 12-18 inches under their recent PR to conserve energy for higher bars. We want everyone to clear a bar, but jumping at a bar 2 feet under your recent PR doesn't help the athlete (but certainly extends the duration of the competition.) Athletes will communicate with the Event Umpire and the Meet Director to determine the actual opening height for each flight.